The official title of this non-profit organization shall be the International Association of Rice Bran Oil (IARBO), herein after referred to as the Association.

Objectives and Purposes

Objectives of the Association shall be to:

  • Promote to establish the international scientific standard of rice bran oil (rice oil) and value added products of rice bran.
  • Promote and foster uniformity of commerce and trade among Asian countries in the fields of rice bran oil.
  • Encourage and promote improved communications between and among rice bran producers, industry groups, academic researchers and local governments.
  • Enhance rice bran oil additional value and enlarge commercial application fields.
  • Sponsor training programs to assist members in their technical work and development to improve rice bran oil production and support nutrition research.

Meeting of Membership

Annual conference should be held every year. This is the time for by-law revision, listen to the work and financial reports, announcement of new members and develop new plans of commercial or academic activities. Other academic or commercial meetings can be held as the executive board deems necessary. They can be also called upon by specific membership and by the groups interested in that specific area through petition.

Official Publications:

Include bulletins of by-law amendments and yearly report of Rice Bran Oil Experts Review which provides the latest out-weighted scientific literatures and industrial studies in the field of rice bran oil.

Quorum for the Meeting

Quorum for the board meeting shall be minimum 5 or one-third of the total members of the board, whichever is higher. The decision of the meeting will be taken by the majority vote. In case of equality of the vote, the chair person shall be having the casting vote. The absent member can appoint someone by a letter, with the representative present, he or she can be counted as a member present. The vote by mail needs also half of the members agree before it can be adopted.