Executive Board

The board is the body of the highest power in the Association. The affairs and finance of the Association shall be conducted by the executive board. It is composed of country board members (two persons per member country, one from industrial community and the other from academic community/public association/NGO). It includes the President, Vice President, Secretary-In-General, Treasurer and the Registrar. Board meetings should be held minimum once a year to review and discuss any business matters and agendas. Composition of the executive board shall be as prescribed in the Association’s by-laws. The duties and terms of office for the members of the executive board and the officers of the Association shall be as specified in the Association by-laws.

The President:

Association takes the rotating presidency policy. Each member country will hold the rotating presidency for a period of one year. The first president shall be elected by the board members.

Obligations of President:

The President shall serve as chief administrative officer for the Association and shall also possess broad discretionary powers to act as deemed necessary and proper to carry out the ordination activities of the Association, within the scope of presidential capacity and responsibility. The President is responsible for communicating with his/her own domestic governments, Societies or research institutes to promote academic/commercial activities of rice bran oil. In addition, the President shall be responsible to have an annual report on the affairs of the executive board and the fiscal and financial status of the Association.

The Vice-President

The Vice-President shall be elected by the board members. He/she will be automatically the next President. In absent of the president, the Vice President can have the power, duty, limitation and responsibility of the president until such time as the president resume his function.

The Secretary-In-General

The Secretary-In-General shall keep a list of all members of the Association. Record the minutes of each meeting of the Association, and securely maintain a file of the proceedings of the Association and of the executive board and conduct correspondence pertaining to the affairs of the Association. Perform duties incident to the office, maintain all records of the Association as designated by the executive board and such other duties as the executive board may authorize.The Secretary-In-General of the Association shall be appointed by the Board. He/she shall serve for the period based on the discussion from the Board, but can continue to do so if required. The Secretary-In-General shall undertake the administrative duties associated with Association in liaison with the President and the Board.The Secretary-In-General shall collect all monies due the Association, giving receipt therefore, and report the amount of each payment with the name and address of the person making such payment. Be custodian of the funds of the Association and make all disbursements taking receipt therefore. Make a report of the financial condition of the Association at the annual meeting. Report to the Association at each annual meeting and at such times as called on by the executive board, a financial statement of all receipts and disbursements since the last annual meeting, and this statement, together with all books, vouchers, and all necessary documents shall be available for audit. Provide detailed financial records of the Association to the auditing committee by the date authorized by the executive board. The Secretary-In-General shall be an authorized signatory for the Association. Perform duties incident to the office and such other duties as the executive board may authorize.

The Registrar