1. To establish network with industries and researchers in the field of rice bran, rice bran oil, and derived products, exchange information, establish international rice bran oil standard, explore new market, promote cooperation and protect member’s right.

2. Regularly sponsor commercial and academic conferences, introduce new commercial opportunity and research findings and exchange experiences.

3. Connect member for friendship, expand social circle and keep good relationship with other Societies and local governments.

4. Regularly organize commercial promotion of rice bran oil and academic activities in the field of, included but not limited to, research on the nutrition, application or production of the rice bran oil. This activity will in the name of either the Association or one of the members and might be achieved with the assistant from the local organizations.

5. Compiling Process of Rice Bran Oil Expert Review:

There shall be 5 steps included in the compiling process:

  • Agreeing the methodology: As a first stage, nominated members (compiling group) should develop an appropriate method for collecting, synthesising, analysing, and reporting the evidence.
  • Reviewing the literature: Compiling group should be concentrated to conduct reviews of the literature on all relative aspects where evidence of rice bran oil health benefits, improved production technologies and other associated factors has already apparent. Using a specification manual to ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach to the analysis plus a common format for displaying the evidence. The review should be revised before being summarized and submitted to the executive board.
  • Judging the evidence: The executive board should be responsible for assessing the evidence, for agreeing judgements based on assessments, and for agreeing a comprehensive set of recommendations.
  • Managing the compiling: The executive board should nominated additional expertise to take the responsibility to judge the editorial quality of the report.
  • Keeping up to date: Members join in the review compiling should be responsible for assessing and judging the updated evidence as a basis for recommendations for future research trends.