1. Welcome Address by 

  Mr. Ajay Jhunjhunwala, President, SEA 

2. Presentation on Telangana Agri Growth story with special reference to Paddy & Rice Milling.

Mr. Akhil Kumar Gawar, Director, Telangana State Food Processing Society, Department of Industries & Commerce, Govt. of Telangana.

3.Country Presentations on RBO – Current Status & Future Prospects – Chair Person -Mr. Ashok Sethia, President, IARBO

  1. India: Dr. B V Mehta, ED, The Solvent Extractors’ Association of India
  2. China: Dr. Yuanrong Jiang, Director, M/s. Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Center, Ltd., China
  3. Bangladesh: Mr. Prokash Dutta, MD, M/s. Agrotech International Ltd., Bangladesh
  4. Vietnam: Mr. Pham Van Dung, Director, M/s. Wilmar CLV, Vietnam.
  5. Thailand: Dr. Riantong Singanusong,Associate Professor, Naresuan University, Thailand

4.Panel Discission on Value Added Products-Chair Person-Dr R B N Prasad, Former Chief Scientist and Head of Centre for Lipid Research of CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad

  1. Dr. Xuebing Xu, Chief Scientist, M/s.Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Center, Ltd.
  2. Dr. (Mrs.) B. L. A. Prabhavathi Devi, Chief Scientist & Head (Former) Department of Oils, Lipid Science & Technology, Professor, Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research [AcSIR], CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad  
  3. Mr. Puneet Goyal, Director, M/s. A. P. Organics Limited, Punjab

5.Panel Discission on Nutritional claim- Chair Person-Dr.Riantong Singanusong,Associate Professor, Naresuan University, Thailand

  1. Dr Sheryl Salis, Founder & Director, M/s. Nurture Health Solutions, Mumbai

6.Panel Discussion on MCPD, GE & Transfat:Chair Person – Dr. Xuebing Xu, Wilmar Biotechnology R&D Center Ltd., China

  1. Dr. D. Mathur, President OTAI India & Director, M/s. Fare Labs Pvt. Ltd., Haryana
  2. Mr Prabhakar Nachnekar, Sr. Manager-Process and Sales, M/s. Alfa Laval Ltd.

7.Panel Discussion on Marketing, Branding & Role of Packaging-Chair Person-Mr. Atul Chaturvedi, Special Advisor, SEA  

  1. Lead Speaker- Mr. Hansel D’Souza, Brand Consultant, M/s. Aquila, Mumbai
  2. Mr. Angshu Mallick, MD & CEO, M/s. Adani Wilmar, Ahmedabad 

8.Technical (Presentations) Session Chair Person – Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Ex DG, ICAR, GoI

     1.Research Progress Evaluation for Rice Bran Oil In The Last Three Years.             Dr. Xuebing Xu, Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Center, Ltd., China    

     2.Latest Technology Upgradation in Rice Bran Oil Refining Industry in India         Mr. Atul Joshi, Process Engineering head, M/S. Desmet Ballestra, Bangalore.

   3.Sustainable and robust enzymatic degumming process that increases yields and profitability.                                                                                                                        Dr. Preeti Subhedar, Technical Sales Manager, M/s.Novozymes South Asia Pvt.  Ltd., Bangalore

 9.J. R. Agro Innovation Award – Presentations by Winners.                                              Researchers

  1. First -Designer goat milk – fatty acid manipulation using oils (Rice bran and soybean oil)                                                                                                               Dr. Ajay P. Raval, Kamdhenu University, Gandhinagar Department of Animal Nutrition, Navsari
  2. Second -Strategies for maximizing utilization of De- Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) in Fish Feed, –                                                                                                  Dr Amit Ranjan, TNJFU-Institute of Fisheries Post Graduate Studies, Chennai 
  3. Third -Development of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products containing Rice bran wax.                                                                                                                 Dr. Avish Dwarkadas Maru, Principal, Loknete Dr J D Pawar College of Pharmacy, Nasik


  1.  First-Utilizing the otherwise neglected by-products of the rice bran oil industry-crude rice bran gums, lyso-gums, and rice bran oil meal               Ms. Olivia Dhara, CSIR- IICT, Hyderabad
  2. Second-Stable rice bran oil-in-water emulsions can be formed using biopolymer emulsifiers and hydrodynamic cavitation processing.                  Ms. Kakoli Pegu/ Mr. Pavankumar More, ICT, Mumbai
  3. Third-Harness bioactive lipophilic ingredient capsaicin from Bhut Jolokia into γ- oryzanol (GO) rich rice bran oil (RBO) for formulation of RBO fortified with capsaicin                                                                                              Ms. Vikono Ksh, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Division of Food Science & Postharvest Technology, New Delhi

10.Poster Competition Award – Presentation by Winners – Chair Person: Dr S K Patnaik,Ex.  Secretary (Agri), GoI.                                      

  1. First-Development of anthocyanin micro capsules from black rice bran and its nutraceuticals-based coconut water jelly.                                            Ms. Lourembam Monika De, Dept.of Food Engg. &Technology, Assam
  2. Second-Detection & quantification of process contaminants and Toxins in RBO                                                                                                                                       Dr. Konda Reddy Kunduru, Fare Labs Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram    
  3. Third-Application of Rice bran oil                                                                                Mr. P. Surya Vijay and Dr. M. Rajesh, Sankaralingam Bhuwaneswari College of Pharmacy, Anaikuttam, Sivakasi,  Tamilnadu.

11.Advancement in solvent extraction process. Prof Amit Pratap and Prof Jyotsna Waghmare Dept. of Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology, ICT, Mumbai

12.Waste utilization to wealth creation – Rice bran oil. Dr. Pradosh Prasad Chakrabarti, Chief Scientist, CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical    Technology, Hyderabad.

13.Regulatory Update.Dr Prabodh Halde, Regulator Head, M/s. Marico Ltd., Mumbai

14.Micronutrient Fortification Index – Creating a level playing field in edible oil Fortification. Dr Dominic Schofield, Global Programme Director, M/s. TechnoServe, Canada (Video Presentation) 

15.Summary Note

16.Vote of Thanks – Dr. B. V. Mehta,ED,SEA