1. Well Developed RBO Production and Equipment Manufacturing in ChinaMr. Ruiyuan Wang, Principal Scientist of CCOA, China
  2. History Review of IARBO and New RBO Trends in ChinaProf. Dr. Xuebing Xu, General Manager, Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Center Co., Ltd, China
  3. Indian Rice Bran Oil Industry and Future OutlookDr. B. V. Mehta, Executive Director, The Solvent Extractors’ Association of India, India
  4. Rice Bran Oil Production in ThailandMr. Watcharaphon Boonlai, CEO, Medifoods (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Thailand
  5. Pakistan Oil and RBO Sector StatusMr. Asif Nusrat Ansari, Chief Executive, Acxconsult, Pakistan
  6. Joint-advocacy Ceremony for Edible RBOProf. Yixiang Su, Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS)
  7. The Role of Ingredient Standards in Protecting Supply Chain IntegrityDr. Steven M. Gendel, Senior Director, USP
  8. Cardioprotective Potentials of Rice Bran Oil: Present Status and Future ProspectsProf. Dr. Sankar Devarajan, University of Arkansas, USA
  9. Fabrication of Ferulic Acid-based Nanoemulsions: Influence of Carrier Oil Type on Ferulic Acid BioaccessibilityProf. Dr. Yong Wang, Jinan University, China
  10. Nutritional Value of Rice Bran Oil-An UpdateDr. Joerg J. Jacoby, Manager, Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Center Co. Ltd, China
  11. Rice Bran Oil: as a Personalize Life Style Medicine for NCDProf. Dr. Jintana Sattayasai, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
  12. Interaction between α-tocopherol, Oryzanol, and Phytosterol on the Antiradical Activity against DPPH Radical in Rice Bran OilProf. Dr. Ruijie Liu, Jiangnan University, China
  13. World Food Laws applicable to RBO with Special Reference to Codex StandardDr. Prabodh S. Halde, Convener, SEA-Food Regulatory & Legal Committee, India
  14. Immobilized Lipase SMG1-F278N as a Potent Catalyst for the Deacidification of High-acid Oils and FatsProf. Dr. Yonghua Wang, South China University of Technology, China
  15. Rice Bran Oil-based Nutritionally Enriched 1,3-DAG Rich Oil as Low Calorie FatDr. B.L.A. Prabhavathi Devi, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India
  16. Processing Technologies for Value Addition of by-products from Rice Bran Oil RefineryProf. Dr. Kornkanok Aryusuk, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand
  17. Economies in Oil Refining of Various Oil: a ComparisonMr. Asif Nusrat Ansari, Chief Executive, Acxconsult, Pakistan
  18. Optimization of Processing Equipment/ Technology for Rice Bran Oil RefineryMr. Alexey Shevchenko, Head of Process Department, Alfa Laval, Denmark
  19. Preparation of Diglyceride-rich Rice Bran Oil by Continuous Deacidification and Dehydration in Packed Bed ReactorsProf. Dr. Xiaoqiang Zou, Jiangnan University, China
  20. Global Rice Bran Oil Conference 2020